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Copiague Middle School

2650 Great Neck Road
Copiague, New York 11726
(631) 842-4011
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Andrew Lagnado
Assistant Principals: Francis Salazar, Stephanie Valeiko

Hours: 8 a.m. to 2:41 p.m.
Students: 1,200

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It is the mission of Copiague Middle School faculty and staff to create an educational atmosphere in which each student is provided with the opportunity to realize their full potential as students, athletes, artists, musicians, and individuals through personal attention and encouragement. The curriculum in the middle school has been developed to challenge and stimulate the minds of students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, while remaining responsive to the needs of each student during the transition from childhood to adolescence.

Since its inception the team teaching approach has benefited students and faculty alike, providing additional outlets and experiences for each student. In addition, the nearly 1,200 students enrolled in Copiague Middle School are provided with a wealth of opportunities to develop as individuals by participating in student government, athletics, clubs, student organizations, class trips, community service, peer mentoring, and many schoolwide events.

By promoting each student's self-confidence, respect for others, and avoiding standardized solutions, the faculty and staff at Copiague Middle School have been successful at establishing an effective school community that is truly centered on the student.

Current News

Parading Eagle Pride Through Copiague Schools

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During the first week of June, the four elementary schools and middle school in the Copiague School District celebrated their students during individual school car parades. The parades celebrated the many successes of the Copiague students, while also giving them a chance to have a proper send-off for the summer months.

Teachers and administrators, dressed in blue and white and showing off their school pride, lined the sidewalks of their respective schools. As the teachers were waving, cheering and holding signs, the cars filled with students lined up down the street to catch a glimpse of their teachers. Students created their own signs, decorated cars and filled them with balloons and banners as they paraded down through the school.

Many of the schools have planned separate parades for their students that are moving on to the middle school and the high school next fall.

Copiague Celebrates Wellness with Online Resources

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Focusing on the home-to-school connection, Copiague School District presented an online Celebration of Wellness for both students and their families beginning on May 15. The resources and activities offered videos that ranged from learning a new skill to mindfulness practices and techniques.

For the elementary students and their families, videos centered around tapping in their energy, learning to relax through mindful minutes and yoga poses, and even learning a new skill, such as American Sign Language.

Copiague Middle School students had the opportunity to learn new ways to channel their energy. A technology lesson gave students some options for gaming, music and communication to escape and destress. Assistant Principal Stephanie Valeiko hosted a reading and crafting session to reduce anxiety. Exercise, also an important component to wellness and a stress reliever, was featured via a Zumba and step class.

Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School students learned mindful techniques that are helpful in managing stress both during high school and beyond. Lessons, such as journaling and breathing techniques, combined with movement exercises, such as Zumba and yoga, gave the high schoolers different sessions to boost their wellness and reduce anxiety and stress.

Celebration of the Arts

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Copiague School District’s fine arts department put together an artwork slideshow as a tribute to essential workers. View some of the student artwork here:

VIDEO: Middle School Symphonic Band Performance

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Continuing our Celebration of the Arts, please enjoy this selection from the middle school symphonic band:

Video: Middle School Science Research Class

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The science research class at the middle school was hard at work this school year. Check out their end-of-year video to see some of their experiments and projects:

Copiague Students Medal in Math Competition

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Although the in-person Long Island Math Fair scheduled for last month was cancelled, Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School and Copiague Middle School students still submitted their projects for the competition. The district tied with Commack School District for the most medals in Suffolk County.

From Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School, 15 students submissions received medals. Congratulations to the following students on their placement in the fair:

Joanah Breskin – Bronze Medal
Jakob Dobrowolski-Kosior – Bronze Medal
Joseph Falco, Jr. – Gold Medal
Jaden Antonio Gomez – Bronze Medal
Jack Raymond Langan – Silver Medal
Krytal Maharaj – Bronze Medal
Marcel Mazurek – Gold Medal
Anthony Muse Meneses – Bronze Medal
Malachi Moore – Gold Medal
Edison Peguero Rosario – Gold Medal
Antanina Nicole Petroglia – Bronze Medal
Devani Rhoden – Bronze Medal
Mina Sue Senturk – Gold Medal
Deep Shah – Gold Medal
Dominique Tetlak – Bronze Medal

From Copiague Middle School, 10 of the 12 student submissions received medals. Congratulations to the following students on their placement in the fair:

Eighth Grade:

Nina Bartoli – The Fibonacci Number System – Bronze Medal

Shenn Barredo – Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws – Gold Medal

Mercedes Novell-Gillard – The Fibonacci Number Sequence – Silver Medal

Giselle Peralta – Euler’s Polyhedral Formula – Gold Medal

Rosangel Peralta Plasencia – Trachtenberg Speed System – Bronze Medal

Kemmora Simmons – Permutations and Combinations – Silver Medal

Jonathan Singh – The Brachistochrone Curve – Gold Medal

Theresa Soraire – Ciphers – Silver Medal

Seventh Grade:

Maya Tyszko – The Pythagorean Theorem – Bronze Medal

Ethan Zheng – Pascal’s Triangle – Bronze Medal