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Section XI Sports Postponed to January 4, 2021


Suffolk County Section XI, the governing body for all Interscholastic Athletics in Suffolk County made the announcement that all sports are postponed until January 4th. This decision includes both high school and middle school athletics. Included below is a link that will take you to the Section XI homepage where you can read the decision in its entirety.


The Section XI condensed seasons schedule is as follows:

Varsity and JV

  • Season 1 (Winter), January 4- February 27
  • Season 2 (Fall), March 1- May 1
  • Season 3 (Spring), April 26- June 19


Modified sports (Copiague Middle School)

  • Season 1 (Winter), January 4- February 6
  • Season 2 (Late Winter), February 8- Mar 20
  • Season 3 (Fall), March 22- May 8
  • Season 4 (Spring), May 10- June 12






As per NYSED regulation, The parent/guardian of athlete candidates must complete the PreParticipation/Interval Athletic History form.  The PreParticipation/Interval Athletic History Form must be completed BEFORE the Copiague Public Schools Medical Director can complete a physical. 

Athletes receiving physicals from a private health care provider must return the PreParticipation/Interval Athletic History form with the physical form.


The PreParticipation/Interval Athletic History form must be signed and returned to the athletic coach prior to AUGUST 5th.

Summer athletic physicals will be done at the Walter G. O'Connell Copiague High School on AUGUST 6th. 

All forms are available at the links below. 

Please note, PreParticipation/Interval Health Forms must be completed prior to participation in each athletic season.  



PreParticipation/Interval Athletic Health Form (English) 

PreParticipation/Interval Athletic Health Form (Spanish)

Athlete Permission Slip (English)

Athlete Permission Slip (Spanish)

Copiague Physical Examination Form