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Copiague Middle School

2650 Great Neck Road
Copiague, New York 11726
(631) 842-4011
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Andrew Lagnado
Assistant Principals: Stephanie Valeiko, Francis Salazar, Christopher Porcellini
Hours: 8 a.m. to 2:41 p.m.
Students: 1,200    

Current News

Middle School Artist Named Winner in Town of Babylon Contest

Copiague student artist showing artwork thumbnail256949

Copiague Middle School student-artist Alice Pierre-Joseph was named a third-place winner in the Town of Babylon Annual Art Contest. Her award-winning artwork was among 200 entries in the 11–19-year-old category. The Town of Babylon held an open art exhibition on April 5.

Date Added: 4/16/2024

Copiague Middle School Represents at National History Day Event

middle school students thumbnail256956
middle school student thumbnail256957
middle school student thumbnail256958

On March 24, 10 students from Copiague Middle School participated in the National History Day competition at Hofstra University. Students in Mr. Cooney’s honors social studies class submitted five projects for the event.

Congratulations to the following Copiague Middle School students:

Jr. Group Documentary:
Alexander Almonte and Dylan Molina
Topic: “Jackie Robinson Broke the Color Barrier”

Jr. Group Exhibit:
Lauren Garcia, Madison Lombardo, Navi Feliciano, Nine Tkeshelashvili and Wendy Arrazola Lovo
Topic: “Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Shoe”

Jr. Individual Exhibit:
Zorangel Cespedes
Topic: “The Atomic Bomb Changes Warfare”

Jr. Individual Exhibit:
Mayra Castro
Topic: “The Berlin Wall”

Jr. Individual Website:
Jai’den Pernell
Topic: “Bayard Rustin: The March on Washington”

Date Added: 4/15/2024

Book Delivered to Published Author

Jaiden with Mr. Jovic (left) and Mr. Gaudioso thumbnail256559

Last year, Jaiden Urbina was in Mr. Jovic’s writing class, a new course which was offered to eighth grade students. As a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate writer, Jaiden entered a creative writing contest and became a finalist. Mr. Jovic then submitted the piece to the Young Writers Association where it was featured in its yearly publication. Mr. Jovic recently presented Jaiden with the book featuring his writing. Jaiden is pictured with Mr. Jovic (left) and Mr. Gaudioso, middle school English chairman.

Date Added: 4/4/2024

Middle School Scientists Explore Fossils

Copiague Middle School students thumbnail256554

Eighth grade science students at Copiague Middle School are paleontologists in the making. For two day after school in March, they participated in an after-school science exploration under the guidance of science teacher Ms. Mason. The scientists conducted a hands-on study of different rocks and fossils thanks to the samples Ms. Mason brought back from her trip with the Museum of Natural History. The rocks were collected last summer by Ms. Mason and a doctoral candidate paleontologist from a site in Penn Dixie Fossil Park located in Hamburg, New York. Students found many rocks contained the fossilized remains of sea creatures such as trilobites, clams and brachiopods, preserved from when New York was underwater in a landmass called Laurentia about 380 million years ago. After recording the types and quantities of each fossil found, students were encouraged to bring samples home to show their families.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 4/4/2024

Middle School Builders Club at Work

Copiague Middle School students thumbnail256556
Copiague Middle School students thumbnail256557
Copiague Middle School students thumbnail256558

The Copiague Middle School Builders Club has been busy this month giving back to the local community. The students collected essential baby items to help the Madonna Heights Baby Shower. They also filled 30 boxes with used books for donation to the Book Fairies. Lastly, they collected gently used shoes – 18 bags full – for the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless.

Date Added: 4/2/2024

Students Honored by Local Knights of Columbus

Copiague School District students thumbnail256268
Copiague School District students thumbnail256269

Copiague School District students were recognized by members of the Knights of Columbus for their participation in the organization’s annual poster and essay contests at the March 11 board of education meeting at Copiague Middle School.

The poster contest, now in its 14th year, garnered more than 250 entries to tackle the issue of drug and alcohol abuse. Students received a certificate and gift card sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Ten students from Copiague School District were chosen as winners. The district congratulates the following students for their winning entries: Sophia Viacava (Copiague Middle School); Hailey Hitzel (Copiague Middle School); Aliyah Fernandez (Copiague Middle School); Nauddys Sanchez DeJesus (Copiague Middle School); Mia Guillen (Deauville Gardens East Elementary School); Olivia Charles (Susan E. Wiley Elementary School); Daniela Rodriguez (Susan E. Wiley Elementary School); Marek Gonzalez (Deauville Gardens East Elementary School); Sallyiah Abdullah (Deauville Gardens East Elementary School); and Yamila Guiterrez (Deauville Gardens East Elementary School).

This year’s annual essay contest focused on the concept of religious liberty. Each student winner received a gift card and council certificate. From Copiague Middle School, this year’s Knights of Columbus essay contest winners were: Keyrin Hernandez Burgos (first place), Jaden Rose (second place) and Aiden Lopez (third place).

Date Added: 3/25/2024

Watching the Weather at Copiague Middle School

Students standing in front of a classroom. thumbnail255430
Copiague Middle School’s English as a New Language entering students are learning to be meteorologists. After studying weather and temperature vocabulary, they worked in groups to give a forecast for a location of their choice. Each group chose a city, researched its weather and temperature, and created their own prediction. After designing a poster of the weather, they wrote a script for their report which they presented to their classmates. The project was a culmination of the weather unit in which students learned to read thermometers, describe temperatures such as hot, warm, cool/cold, and how to ask and answer questions about weather. They also discovered ways to describe weather in different places, read weather maps, watch weather reports and understand how reporters forecast the weather.

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Date Added: 2/21/2024

Copiague Middle School Names Science Fair Honorees

Group picture of students. thumbnail255403
Copiague Middle School recently held its annual science fair. On Feb. 6, Copiague Middle School Science Chair Dr. Daniel Leccese held an awards ceremony in the middle school library.

First-place honors went to Kaitlyn Lombardo and Isabella Rufrano for “Shingle science.” Second place was awarded to Zorangel Cespedes for “What house plant cleans air the best?” and Emilio Reyes for “Caffeine consumption.” Third-place honors were given to Joseph Mendoza for “Which cleans better (headlight cleaner)?,” Rebecca Molina for “What is the most effective method to clean produce?,” Solara Aquino for “Chip Clip Showdown” and Angela Calderon for “Nitrogen vs Phosphorus (dry fertilizers).”

Special awards were presented to Rayhan Morquecho Cuji for “Time to Unwind” and Kaitlyn Lombardo and Isabella Rufrano for “Shingle science.” Congratulations to the following honorable mention winners: Patrick Broomfield, Dean Coleman, Noah Cruz-Martinez, Janay Carter, Emily Vargas, Alexa Nunez, Brianna Begley, Keyrin Hernandez Burgos, Nicolette Orlando and Dylan Molina.

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Date Added: 2/26/2024