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Deauville Gardens East Elementary School

100 Deauville Boulevard
Copiague, New York 11726
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Joseph A. Buccello
Assistant Principal: Jean Ann Crespo

Hours (Grades K-5): 9:05am – 3:15 pm
Students: 450



Deauville Gardens East Elementary School serves approximately 450 students from kindergarten through grade five and provides a variety of experiences to support the social, emotional and academic well-being of students. The collaborative atmosphere, well-trained and highly qualified staff and student-centered philosophy foster an environment which truly benefits children.

In order to provide a meaningful and effective education, maximize student growth and meet the requirements of the Common Core Standards, a variety of programs and approaches are utilized. Guided Reading is the foundation of the Balanced Literacy program that is embraced in order to challenge each individual student at his or her appropriate level. Math is taught by allowing students to experiment with concepts and create their own understanding of material. In addition, a number of after-school programs and clubs present students with opportunities to explore new interests.

At Deauville Gardens East, we recognize that a strong partnership between the school and home is essential for a positive and productive educational experience. Staff members work closely with the PTA and families to provide enriching experiences for students both inside and outside of the classroom.


Important Information

Deauville Gardens East Kindergarten Orientation
Thursday, August 24
For information call: (631) 842-3320

Current News

Designing Their Dream House

students thumbnail255168
Third graders in Ms. Capuana’s class at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School recently used their mathematics lessons to design their own class dream house. The class has been studying area – length x width – and brainstormed the types of rooms they would need in their dreamhouse, such as a reading room, math room, tech room, kitchen, bathroom and creativity room. The students worked in groups to create and design their dream room. They had to determine the length, width and area of their room. When all the rooms were complete, the class added all the areas together to calculate the total area of the house. They continued the activity by writing imaginative narratives about their class dream house.

Date Added: 2/15/2024

Celebrating Groundhog Day

Five students coloring. thumbnail254764
First grade students in Mrs. Rizzo’s class at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School engaged in a reading lesson about Groundhog Day on Feb. 2. The students made groundhog puppets as a follow-up activity to go along with the shared reading poem.

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Date Added: 2/5/2024

Student-Musicians Make Their Mark at All-County

Students taking a picture next to staff members thumbnail254384
Students taking a picture next to staff members thumbnail254385
Students taking a picture next to staff members thumbnail254386
Group picture of many students and staff members thumbnail254387
Group picture of many students and staff members thumbnail254388
Students taking a picture next to staff members thumbnail254389
Forty students in grades five through 10 in the Copiague School District have been selected to represent Copiague at the Suffolk County Music Educators’ All-County Festivals at Huntington High School in March. Students were chosen based on their participation in the 2023 NYSSMA solo festival and teacher recommendation.

Congratulations to the following student-musicians:

Susan E. Wiley Elementary School: Jealyn Guelee (flute); Amber Joseph (flute); Lonnae Leftenant (baritone/band); Yadelyn Rodriguez (trombone); and Chloe Silva (baritone/band)

Great Neck Road Elementary School: Alexa Garcia (trumpet)

Deauville Gardens East Elementary School: Omari Michel (alto saxophone)

Deauville Gardens West Elementary School: Janiyah Powell (flute)

Copiague Middle School: Gabriella Agtuca (percussion); Angela Calderon (baritone/band); Kaitlyn Caldwell (clarinet); Alejandro Claros-Sanchez (baritone II/chorus); Carter Deegan (trombone 1); Daniel Deegan (baritone/band); Naviana Feliciano (soprano); Amanda Gamarra (voice II/chorus); Mac Kensie Goodman (baritone/band); Isabel Hemmes (clarinet ); Antonio Joseph (clarinet); Lenna Karwowska (alto saxophone); Dasha Krutyansky (voice II/chorus); Davi Malik (alto saxophone); Elias Palacios (baritone II/chorus); Miley Rodriguez (alto/chorus); Isabella Rufrano (alto/chorus); Delilah Sotomayor (voice II/chorus); Valerie Salce (clarinet); and Nathalie Tejada Ortiz (voice II/chorus)

Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School: Christopher Cobian (tenor/chorus); Carmila Dezume (soprano/chorus); Dianna Espinal (alto/chorus); Wagner Garcia (bass/chorus); Gabriela Gonzales (soprano/chorus); Alexandra Kaleka (clarinet); Veronica Karwowska (trumpet); Jeannine Queensborough (alto/chorus); Josue Quintanilla (bass/chorus); Analiz Rosario (alto/chorus); Carissa Spencer (trumpet); and Daniel Zheng (trumpet)

Date Added: 2/5/2024

Student Accomplishments Honored

Students standing next to staff member thumbnail254381
A select number of students were honored for their hard work, dedication and overall academic performance prior to the Jan. 22 board of education meeting in the Copiague School District. The student recognition awards are held only twice per year, and the Copiague Board of Education selects students who have been chosen by administrators, teachers and staff in their respective buildings for their efforts.

The awards are presented to a small number of students for their extra special accomplishments. “Being honored is a very special award in and of itself,” said Copiague School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Bannon. “Appearing in front of your parents, friends, community and the board of education is a distinction. Publicly recognizing excellence is our way of celebrating some of the great successes of the Copiague Schools’ programs and, at the same time, enabling us to showcase outstanding role models to our school community.”

Congratulations to the following students: Deauville Gardens East Elementary School – Zoe Espinal Castro and Elvis Sanchez Balbuena; Deauville Gardens West Elementary School – Caleb Johnson and Lael Carol Renee Quarles; Great Neck Road Elementary School – Grace Cisneros Santillana and Asma Lounici; Susan. E. Wiley Elementary School – Jealyn Guelee and Amber Joseph; Copiague Middle School – Marie Andkerla E. Pierre, Kyle Belgrave, Jace Carter, Kimberly Corvera Molina, Zoey Khisova, Christian McCue and Isabella Rufrano; and Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School – Rebecca Alara, Mohamad Altenbakji, Genesis Martinez Gomez, Shawn Smaldon, Victoria Wheby, Carlos Zelayandia Reyes and Tiffany Zincz.

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Date Added: 2/2/2024

Supporting a Love of Reading

Students in their classroom thumbnail254054
Students in front of bulletin board thumbnail254055
Students in front of bulletin board thumbnail254056
Third graders at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School have been working to make connections to the texts they read. Students have chosen to read fiction books with story elements that are relatable. They have also chosen to read memoirs that have inspired their own personal narrative writing. Through a variety of genres, the third graders have learned that making connections to a text helps support their love of reading.

Date Added: 1/16/2024

Snowflakes Sprinkled Throughout Deauville Gardens East

Three Students smiling at the camera thumbnail254050
Four Students smiling at the camera thumbnail254051
The student government at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School is spreading some winter joy in January. Their latest initiative “There’s Snow Place Like DGE” was a schoolwide project spearheaded by the club. Each class designed a snowflake and wrote or drew one thing they loved about Deauville Gardens East. The student government members displayed the snowflakes in the hallways throughout the school.

Date Added: 1/16/2024

All Around the World for the Holidays

Students holding up self-made passports thumbnail253888
Third graders from Deauville Gardens East Elementary School are taking a virtual trip around the world as they learned about different countries and their holiday traditions in December.

For the holidays around the world lessons, students created their passports to get ready for their flights. They located different countries on the map and then pretended to take flight on a plane to their destination. The third grade teachers donned their pilot hats and scanned passports prior to takeoff. After reading articles, the students kept travel journals about each of the seven countries they visited. They learned about what languages they speak, holiday traditions, population and life expectancy.

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Date Added: 1/9/2024

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